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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do we need to do to make a reservation? What times are available?

To make a reservation just give us a call to set up a time, We do take a credit card to hold your spot, however there is no charge unless there is a 48 hour or less cancellation or a no show that day. As long as there is daylight we can schedule you, we do not play once the sun goes down.

2. What should we wear/bring ?

You want to wear loose fitting long sleeved clothing, you do not want any exposed skin. You may also want to wear gloves and a hat or beanie to help protect your head. For private groups Body armor is free to rent for kids and ladies. Everyone needs to have a waiver with a parent or guardian signature so that they can play. You may also want to bring a change of clothes for the ride home as players can easily become dirty after playing.

3. What do your facilities include?

We have picnic tables for everyone to sit at, the only indoor restroom in the St. Louis area, an Indoor registration area, running water, a well trained staff and much much more.

4. Am I allowed to check the place out before I book a group?

You sure are, we offer tours of our facility upon request, just give us a call to make arrangements.

5. What do we do for food and drinks?

We allow groups and individuals to bring whatever they like to eat or drink. Only private groups may bring alcoholic beverages.

7. How long Have you been in business?

This is the 25th year Bushwacker's has been in business in the Eureka/Pacific Area.

8. What kind of fields do you have?

We offer 4 unique playing fields with a wide variety of terrain on each field from flat urban setups to our enormous capture the hill field. Groups are rotated through all of our fields.

9. What is the minimum age to play?

The minimum age is 8 years to play. We also offer a special 2 hour all inclusive playing session for 8-12 year olds which includes all of the paint, equipment, protective gear and more, please call 314-298-3772 for details

10. How do the goggles fit glasses ?

Not very well unfortunately since the foam can pinch the goggles making them very uncomfortable. To make things more comfortable and decrease the risk of the goggles fogging or the glasses it is suggested that you wear contacts if possible.